Omahkoe, which simply means 'my home' not only offers a 'home away from home' either for short or long stay guests and cooking classes, but also offers you the chance to experience 'home dining', tasting homestyle food cooked and served by Ibu Dot.

If you are into health drinks, maybe you would like to try Jamu Kunyit Asem - a herbal tonic made from fresh turmeric using an old family recipe handed down by my grandmother.

My name is Dotty, but everyone calls me Ibu Dot. I am Indonesian but have spent half of my life in Newcastle (NSW), Australia raising my three wonderful children. I am an entrepreneur at heart and before building a thriving business here in Bali, I also ran a succesful cafe in Australia.

In 2006 I returned to Indonesia. Although originally from Java, I set up camp in beautiful tranquil Bali in 2011 where I am building a new business, embarking on yet another exciting adventure.